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About Nexus

The mission of Nexus is to extend and share the College of Engineering's preeminent education with lifelong learners. As the College-wide home for online and professional education, Nexus partners with academic units and faculty to support the design and delivery of online credit courses and is responsible for the oversight of Michigan Engineering's entire portfolio of professional education certificates.

What We Do

Established in 2019 as a result of the College’s ME2020 strategic plan, Nexus supports the educational mission of Michigan Engineering through three core domains.

Supporting the Educational Mission of Michigan Engineering
with Nexus’ Three Core Domains

Multi-Modal Delivery of Courses, Certificates & Degrees

  • Management and administration of sustainable programs
  • Delivery, learner support, and platform hosting of online courses and degrees
  • Custom and public non-credit and stackable certificates
  • Conferral of non-credit digital badges and certificates and management of student records and transcripts
  • Marketing of CoE’s online and professional education portfolio
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of competitive landscape
  • Custom client relationship management (e.g. Request for Proposals, programs and degree support)
  • Third-party partnerships for marketing and program delivery
  • Evaluation and feedback process for non-credit certificates
  • Exam administration of multi-modal classes

Course Design, Development, Pedagogy & Faculty Support

  • New course/program design, development, and launch
  • Learner needs assessment, benchmarking, market research, and feasibility studies
  • Instructional design for multi-modal delivery
  • Quality standards and assessment tools for online teaching and learning
  • Online exam design guidelines and delivery methods
  • Evaluations to improve course design, content, and learner engagement
  • Faculty and instructor development (e.g. consultations and orientations)
  • Faculty resources (e.g. website, tutorials, templates)
  • Contributions to the body of knowledge and research on pedagogical strategies for multi-modal delivery (e.g. papers, symposia, conferences on engineering education and online learning)

Technology & Learner Centered Tool Development

  • Multi-modality learning classroom/studio technology design and implementation (e.g. lightboard, flexible recording studios, multiple stream video production)
  • Tool development (e.g. certificate management, online registration, course analytics, time zone)
  • Benchmarking learning tools and technology with recommendations for usage (e.g. video content management system, closed captioning, and home recording equipment)
  • Faculty resources and instructional team support
  • Development and distribution of reusable video production assets

Faculty Support & Learner Impact

COVID-19 has changed the way we teach and learn. As leaders in online and professional education, Nexus continues to provide faculty support and globally-available learning opportunities that remain adaptive to these changes.

1:1 faculty consultations for remote
teaching support, May-July 2020

Total lecture recordings, June-Dec 2020

Face-to-face professional education programs transitioned to remote delivery, March-Sept 2020

Increase in professional education
enrollments from the previous year

Online M.Eng. degrees powered by Nexus,
uninterrupted by COVID-19

“We will build on what Michigan Engineering offers by opening the door wider for people around the world to benefit from the depth and breadth of the educational resources available.”

- Mary-Ann Mycek, PhD | Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Education, College of Engineering

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