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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Non-Credit Information

What types of credentials are granted?

Certificate of Completion - Complete non-credit course with in-class activities/learner checks (participation confirmed by instructor)

Certificate of Achievement - Complete non-credit course with assessments (e.g., multiple choice tests, or final course exam, or instructor provided case study, last day or post class)

Full Certification - Complete non-credit course with assessments (e.g., graded exercises) and demonstrate knowledge via application of course content to industry project/practicum

Digital Badge - Portable learner record of progress toward a certificate or certification credential

What is the difference between a module, course, and specialization?

Modules - Are online asynchronous short-courses 4-8 hours in length with a 60 day window to complete. A digital badge is awarded upon completion of a module.

Courses - Are units of teaching for a subject with a finite length of anywhere from 2-days to 15-weeks, but no academic credit.

Specialization - Are specific sets of modules (e.g., four completed modules equals a specialization). Please visit the Certificate in Current and Emerging Technologies webpage to learn more.

What are the differences between the delivery modes?

Online - Offered 100% online in an asynchronous format. Instructors may hold live office hours.

In-Person - Offered in a live format in Ann Arbor or at a specific location.

Remote Live - Offered through Zoom and is synchronous.

Blended - Offered as a mixture of synchronous (In-person, remote live) and online asynchronous sessions.

What is the duration of a course Offering? How much time outside of class will I need to set aside?

Remote live or in-person offerings range from 2 to 10 days with some outside reading and assessments.
Online offerings range from 60 days to 1-year.

With online courses, will I still be able to ask the instructor(s) questions?

Yes, you can email the instructors your questions and they will respond within 48 hours. If by chance you do not hear back you may also reach out to

How many times per year are courses offered?

Remote live and in-person certificate course availability varies from one to three times per calendar year.
If you have specific questions please email

Online offerings can start at any time once the payment is paid in full. The course or module must be completed within the designated time frame. Please review the specific course webpage to see the time frame.

What is the cost range?

  • Course certificates range from $1,000-$7,000
  • Six Sigma Certifications range from $2,300 - $12,000
  • Individual modules are $250 each

Are there discounts available for non-credit?

Visit our Go Blue Discounts page to see if you or your group qualifies.

How do I register or enroll in a course?

Registration links are available on every course page. For more information please email

I just registered, how do I get access?

In-person or remote live offerings will receive access 1-week before the start date.

Online offerings will receive access once payment has been paid in full.

What kinds of payments are accepted?

Credit card, check, or wire transfer.

What is the difference between Pay Now vs. Pay Later?

You may pay by credit card at time of registration or you may pay later through an invoice. All payments must be paid before the course begins or online access is granted.

What happens if a course is canceled? What are the refund policies?

Please visit our Policies and Resources webpage.

What are my options if I cannot attend after your 2-week deadline due to family or work obligations?

You can either transfer your registration to another offering at a different date or you can transfer your registration to another person.

If I'm unable to travel, can I take an on-campus course remotely?

Only if it is offered in a remote live or online offering. Please review the webpage of the specific course or email

For-Credit Information

How do I apply for the MEng graduate degrees?

Please visit the graduate admissions page for application information or contact the specific program graduate coordinator for more information. Visit for program information.

How does a blended for-credit course differ from in-person and online courses?

For-credit blended courses allow learners to either learn in-person on campus or entirely online asyncronously from classroom recordings. 

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