• Smart Production Systems

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Smart Production Systems (SPS) are manufacturing systems capable of self-diagnosing and autonomously designing optimal continuous improvement projects, leading to the desired productivity improvement. This course is intended to provide an introduction to SPS technology and relation with Industry 4.0, provide a working knowledge of PMA software/hardware, and make the attendees capable of participating in design, implementation, and operation of PMA-based SPS in large, mid-size, and small manufacturing organizations.


Learning Objectives


Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Acquire understanding of the field of Smart Production Systems, namely, SPS structure, information requirements, and potential effectiveness

  • Acquire a working knowledge of Programmable Manufacturing Advisor, enabling the PMA application for designing effective continuous improvement project

  • Develop skills necessary for managing PMA-based SPS

  • Be able to participate in programming and installation of PMA-based SPS on the factory; specifically, assisting in developing a mathematical model of the production system at hand and forming the equipment status database

  • Be able to evaluate SPS efficacy, as compared with other types of production systems management (i.e., by experience, intuition, discrete-event simulations, etc.)


Course Outline

Each session consists of three sections devoted to theoretical, practical, and software issues related to the topic at hand. There will be short homework assignments based on the software to be provided in the class.

  • Introduction to SPS, PMA, and PMA-based SPS (38 min)

  • SPS vs Other Managerial Techniques (31 min)

  • Types of Production Systems, Machine and Buffer Parameters, and Performance Metrics used in PSE and PMA (42 min)

  • PSE and PSE Toolbox concepts embedded in PMA (48 min)

  • PSE Toolbox Modules for Performance Analysis, Bottleneck Identification, and What-if Analysis (24 min)

  • PSE Toolbox Modules for Leanness Lead Time Analysis and Control, MJP Performance Portrait, and Quality (37 min)

  • PMA and PMA-based SPS Architecture, SPS Databases, and Steps for SPS Deploymentt (44 min)

  • Demonstration of PMA-based SPS Operation at Large and Small Production Systems (57 min)

  • Course Summary and Extensions (28 min)



Semyon Meerkov
Semyon Meerkov
Liang Zhang
Liang Zhang
Pooya Alavian
Pooya Alavian
Research Assistant


The course instructors, Drs. S. Meerkov, L. Zhang, and P. Alavian, have financial interests in and serve as officers of Smart Production Systems LLC, Ann Arbor, MI.