How to Choose a Six Sigma Certification

April 14, 2022

by Cj Pettus

You’ve decided to earn a distinguished credential from the University of Michigan—but how do you choose which Six Sigma certification is right for you? Read more to decide your next steps.


What is your goal? Do you want to address existing problems, or do you want to design quality into new products or services? Earning a certification with either of these focuses is an impressive feat that will serve you well in your career. Learn about the differences between the two options.

Six Sigma DMAIC head


Choose a Lean Six Sigma certification if you want to lay the foundation for sustained improvement. With this methodology, you can learn to effectively solve problems by integrating Lean and Six Sigma using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) approach. You’ll learn to systematically frame problems, collect data productively, and implement sustainable solutions.

If you choose a Lean Six Sigma certification, you have a variety of course options available in multiple delivery formats. Learners can select a course that is offered in the format that works best—fully online, remote-live, or in person.

New learners select a Green Belt certification featuring examples from relevant industries: healthcare, manufacturing, transactional/service—all of which are offered online. The in-person or remote-live certification focuses on examples from a combination of all three industries. Learners who have already earned their Green Belts and are ready to become quality improvement leaders will select a Black Belt certification. Learners can focus on manufacturing, transactional/healthcare, or a combination of all three. Finally, Black Belt holders who are ready to become a Lean Six Sigma instructor and leader apply for the Master Black Belt in Operational Excellence.

Six Sigma Certification DFSS


Choose a Design for Six Sigma certification if you want to transition from reactive design change to predictive planning. With this methodology, you can translate customer requirements into functional requirements. You’ll learn to apply proven analysis tools within a structured framework. Ultimately, you can create more robust product, service, and process designs.

If you choose a Design for Six Sigma certification, you have two course options—both of which are completely online. New learners select the Green Belt course, while learners who have already earned their Green Belts (and have met all prerequisites) select the Black Belt course in order to learn more advanced statistical analysis techniques.

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