Learn From The Electric Vehicle Experts

May 10, 2022

by Cj Pettus

Learn from the electric vehicle experts at the University of Michigan. 

Vehicle electrification is the future, and we can look to the electric vehicle experts to guide us through the transition to this new technology. As automotive companies make this shift, engineers need to understand the special characteristics and nuances of electric vehicles. Engineers who are serious about strengthening their knowledge can learn research-based techniques in the 3-day Vehicle Electrification course from the University of Michigan. In the course, learners engage with a multidisciplinary team of electric vehicle experts. 



Al-Thaddeus has been an assistant professor at the University of Michigan since 2016. As a researcher, Al-Thaddeus focuses on high-performance power electronics and wireless power transfer from milliwatts to megawatts for energy storage, renewable energy, biomedical energy, biomedical, automotive, and consumer applications.  In addition to his impressive research background, Al-Thaddeus has more than a decade of industry and entrepreneurial experience and has authored more than 10 patents with even more pending. 

Heath Hofmann


In his role as a professor, Heath teaches courses in power electronics and energy conversion. Heath is an expert in power electronics and electromechanical systems, and he spends time researching energy harvesting, flywheel energy storage systems, finite element analysis, and the design and control of electric machines. Not only is Heath a busy professor and researcher, he has also consulted with numerous companies, including Tesla Motors. 


Jason, the final electric vehicle expert on the team, is an associate research scientist in Mechanical Engineering. He focuses on fuel cells and lithium ion batteries. He researches battery modeling, control and state of health estimation, control of hybrid electric powertrains, control of solid oxide and low temperature PEM fuel cells. 

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