3 Keys to Improve Your Leadership

July 19, 2022

by Cj Pettus

Do you want to improve your leadership? A successful leader knows that a focus on continuous improvement is vital to the entire team’s success. By inspiring behavioral change and focusing on process improvement, a leader can increase team efficiency and customer satisfaction. This transformation is possible through a variety of methods, including implementing Lean tools and concepts. 

In order to improve your leadership, you should focus on these three keys: 


In order to successfully implement Lean methodology, you need to recognize your importance in the process. Frontline and middle managers are the key to transforming an organization into a Lean organization. By strengthening your understanding of the tools and problem-solving processes, you can support your team on the continuous improvement journey. 


Traditional leadership skills are central to improving your leadership. You should focus on skills necessary for facilitative leadership, including planning and organizing, communication, trust development, observation, motivation, and providing direction.  


Dive deep into tools like performing gemba walks, conducting 5S audits, facilitating shift start-ups and end-of-shift activities, monitoring performance, and more. The stronger your ability to effectively use these methods, the more your team will benefit from your leadership. 

By focusing on these three areas, you can improve your leadership by creating a comprehensive management system and driving a continuous improvement culture in your organization. Consider strengthening your skills by earning a Transformative Leadership certificate from the University of Michigan. 

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