Lasting Value: Takeaways from Past Nexus Learners



January 3, 2023

by Cj Pettus

When you search for a professional development course, there are many variables to consider. You want to make sure that you receive value for the time, effort, and money that you put into a certificate course. With Nexus, you can choose courses focused on leadership, continuous improvement, mobility, product design, and more. Nexus courses are respected and are taught by renowned University of Michigan instructors and leading industry experts. 

The course value is evident in the exceptional instruction, hands-on experiences, and takeaways. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read what past learners have said about their experiences in Nexus courses.

Instructors and Course Delivery

From leaders in their industries to leading researchers at U-M, Nexus instructors are both knowledgeable in their topics and well-versed in classroom instruction. By working closely with Nexus’ team of learning design specialists, the instructors create an interactive and meaningful classroom experience—whether your course is in person, remote live, or online.

Hands-on Experience

In order to fully grasp what you learn in a course, you need to work with the concepts and tools yourself. Interactive, hands-on classroom time is a key part of the Nexus course experience.

Immediate Application

When you invest your time and money into a course, you want to see results. Nexus courses feature tools and strategies that you can immediately apply when you return to work.

A New Perspective

The most valuable courses help you stretch your mind. You can leave the Nexus program with more takeaways—and perhaps even a new perspective—than you might expect.

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