Free Online Principles of Lean Overview Course

May 15, 2024

by Sydney Smith

Do you want to refresh or build your Lean knowledge? Begin with a free trial from Nexus at Michigan Engineering’s online Enterprise Excellence program. With this free trial, you can earn a digital badge for the Principles of Lean Overview module at no cost. This module provides a preview of what you can expect from the full Enterprise Excellence program.


Navigating the complexities of modern business can be challenging. Organizations have to prioritize continuous growth and improvement to be successful. This involves creating comprehensive strategies that align people, processes, and systems. Enterprise excellence empowers you to unify your organization, establish a people-centric management system, and integrate sustainable practices for long-term growth. By focusing on continuous improvement, your organization can prepare members to handle change, enhance processes, and solve problems effectively.

Continuous improvement and Lean expert Drew Locher has crafted a series of online modules to aid professionals in mastering concepts promoting enterprise excellence. The self-paced modules offer flexible learning to participants with various experience levels. You can choose to build a comprehensive understanding, fill in any knowledge gaps, or explore different perspectives on familiar topics. Each module contains 4-6 hours of online instruction. Current module topics are as follows:

Additional modules will be added over the course of the next year.


If you are curious about exploring the program, now is the time to check it out. You can participate in a free, 60-day trial of the Principles of Lean Overview module. The module explores the fundamental concepts of value creation, waste reduction, problem solving, and process improvement. In addition, this module will allow learners to explore essential topics such as:

  • Standardized Work
  • Quality at the Source
  • Visual Management
  • Continuous Flow
  • Pull Systems
  • Quick Changeover
  • Total Productive Maintenance

You can sign up for the free trial on the program page by selecting the Principles of Lean Overview module during registration. No code is required. The free promotional price is available now through July 15, 2024.


After you complete the free module, you decide your next steps. You can enroll in additional modules within the Enterprise Excellence program to continue learning about operational excellence and continuous improvement. Alternatively, you can explore our variety of other professional development courses to discover options that align with your professional and organizational goals.

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