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Michigan Engineering's Home for ONline and Professional Education

Who We Are

The Nexus team includes technology and production specialists, instructional designers, program management experts, marketing specialists, and more. Together, we focus on creating lifelong learning experiences with a focus on innovation and progress.

How Nexus Can Help You

Nexus offers continuing education for professionals in a wide variety of industries and supports faculty members by aiding in the design and delivery of certificate courses and online degree programs.

Working professionals depend on Nexus for flexible learning, including short-term certificate courses—both in person and online— and online degree programs. With the variety of programs and delivery options, learners engage with renowned U-M faculty in a way that best fits their needs, priorities, and preferences. 

Companies around the world turn to Nexus for customized training that align with their goals. Nexus connects companies with expert instructors from the University of Michigan. 

U-M faculty partner with Nexus in order to design and deliver online courses based on best practices and grounded in research. A focus on the Quality Matters rubric creates a high-quality and engaging learning experience for students.

Our Core Domains

Multi-Modal Delivery of Courses, Certificates & Degrees

  • Management and administration of sustainable programs
  • Delivery, learner support, and platform hosting of certificate and online courses and degrees
  • Custom and public non-credit and stackable certificates
  • Conferral of non-credit digital badges and certificates and management of student records 
  • Marketing of CoE’s online and professional education portfolio
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of competitive landscape
  • Custom client relationship management (e.g. Request for Proposals, programs and degree support)
  • Third-party partnerships for marketing and program delivery
  • Evaluation and feedback process for non-credit certificates
  • Exam administration of multi-modal classes

Course Design, Development, Pedagogy & Faculty Support

  • New course/program design, development, and launch
  • Learner needs assessment, benchmarking, market research, and feasibility studies
  • Instructional design for multi-modal delivery
  • Quality standards and assessment tools for online teaching and learning
  • Online exam design guidelines and delivery methods
  • Evaluations to improve course design, content, and learner engagement
  • Faculty and instructor development (e.g. consultations and orientations)
  • Faculty resources (e.g. website, tutorials, templates)
  • Contributions to the body of knowledge and research on pedagogical strategies for multi-modal delivery (e.g. papers, symposia, conferences on engineering education and online learning)
  • Quality Matters certified

Student Affairs, Faculty Engagement, and College Relations

  • Provide oversight for new programs moving from concept to launch while aligning with workforce needs, student success, and Michigan Engineering priorities
  •  Student success services and outcomes for online, continuing education, and geographically dispersed learners
  • Program management of new online credit degrees and programs.
  • Develop and support faculty engagement opportunities in the areas of online, continuing and professional education
  • Curate business intelligence and market research on the changing landscape of higher education

The Learner Journey: Marketing Research, Strategy, Content Creation, and Deployment

  • Content calendar creation and posting to social media channels (Nexus and program unit/dept)
  • Creative asset planning and deployment strategies
  • Concepting, and design creation of print and digital visual graphics media
  • Program page management within the Nexus website ecosystem
  • Building and administration of the learner recruitment pipeline – lead generation and learner information requests
  • Reporting and analysis of learner journey via digital analytics, post-course feedback surveys, and email communications

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We want to build relationships with people and organizations and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

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We want to build relationships with people and organizations and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

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