Elizabeth Aikman
  • Lean Specialist and Instructor, Nexus
  • Clinical Systems Engineer, New York-Presbyterian
  • Consultant, Process for People

Elizabeth Aikman comes from a diverse healthcare background, beginning at the bedside as an oncology nurse, growing her experience through hospital leadership and quality management.  She now focuses on helping teams build safer, more effective processes across healthcare systems.  As a deeply curious strategic thinker, she excels at helping all levels of an organization see both the big picture and the intricate details.  She has a passion for understanding learning organizations through the lens of individual development and team dynamics.  Her work has catalyzed her coaching practice to integrate the power of meaningful interactions to support individual and system growth.

Elizabeth holds a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, a BS in Nursing from New York University, and an MBA in Strategic Healthcare Management from Hofstra University.  She is currently pursuing an MS in Positive Organization Development & Change from Case Western Reserve University.

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