Process Improvement for Healthcare

Create a foundation for staff success and positive patient outcomes.

Nexus has years of experience helping healthcare organizations improve their processes. With a focus on the improvement Kata and Lean methodology, Nexus instructors help you gain the structure and routine to discover new pathways and to propel improvement efforts forward. Whether you choose to send several members of your team to a public Kata Mindset 3-day course, or you schedule a custom training just for your team, you can feel confident about your organization’s trajectory.


Kata Mindset

3-Day Course in Ann Arbor, MI

Learn to reframe problems into challenges aligned with clear strategic priorities.

Lean Healthcare

Flexible Scheduling and Delivery

Learn proven quality management practices that will help you spearhead a Lean Initiative in your organization.

Custom Training

Flexible Scheduling and Delivery

Plan a custom training that specifically addresses your organization’s challenges.


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Toni Benner

Toni Benner

  • Lean Specialist and Instructor, Nexus, College of Engineering
  • Founder and Lean Transformation Coach, Healthcare 2020

Hands-on Training for All Levels

  • Healthcare executives
  • Laboratory and specialized healthcare services
  • Insurance company staff
  • Pharmaceutical staff
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Clinical staff
  • Industrial and management engineers

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