Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Instructors:

Nexus is here to support you in the development and delivery of online and professional courses and programs. 

For Partners:

Nexus can help your organization thrive by developing and customizing a course that meets your organization’s learning goals. 


Nexus offers a wide variety of non-credit courses that are appropriate for professionals in numerous fields, including engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, urban planning, the military, and more.

Nexus offers more than 30 courses, modules, and specializations in the following topic areas: Six Sigma, Lean, Leadership, Mobility, Innovation, and Cybersecurity.

The type of certificate or certification varies by course. Nexus awards four different types of credentials:

  • Certificate of Completion: Learners receive this certificate after completing a non-credit course with in-class activities/learner checks.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Learners receive this certificate after completing a non-credit course with assessments (e.g. multiple-choice tests, final course exam, or an instructor-provided case study).

  • Certification: Learners receive a certification after completing a non-credit course with assessments (e.g. graded exercises) and demonstrating knowledge via application of course content toward an industry project or practicum.

  • Digital Badge: Learners receive a record of progress toward a certificate or certification credential.

Nexus is proud to offer world-class instruction from University of Michigan professors and industry leaders.

Remote-live or in-person offerings range from 2 to 10 days with some outside reading and assessments. Online offerings range from 60 days to 1 year. 


The length of each module, course, or specialization varies. Typically, a module is a short, 4-8 hour online asynchronous class that a learner must complete within 60 days. A course has a finite length of time, and Nexus offers courses that range from 2 days to 15 weeks. A specialization refers to specific sets of modules (e.g., 4 completed modules equal a specialization).

We deliver our non-credit courses in several different formats, depending on the course content and structure. Delivery modes include:

  • Online – Participate 100% online in a self-paced format, sometimes with optional live-remote sessions.
  • Remote-Live – Participate in live online sessions from a computer through video conferencing (Zoom or MS Teams).
  • In-Person – Participate in a live classroom setting in Ann Arbor or another specific location.
  • Hyflex (Multi-Modal Choice) – Learners choose one or more available modes (online, remote-live, blended, in-person) based on preferred learning styles and are in a class with others using varying modalities.
  • Custom – Customize a Nexus course to fit your team’s needs. This can be delivered in-person at your location or a Nexus facility, remote-live, online, or through a blend of modes (e.g., asynchronous online with remote-live check-in sessions).

Yes, you can email the course instructors your questions and they will respond within 48 hours.

Remote-live and in-person certificate courses are available from one to three times per calendar year. Receive quarterly updates about upcoming courses by subscribing to our newsletter. 


Online offerings can start at any time once the payment is paid in full. The course or module must be completed within the designated time frame.

Course certificates range from $1,000-$7,000. Six Sigma Certifications range from $2,300-$12,00, and individual modules cost $250 each.

Yes, Nexus offers discounts. Visit the Go Blue Discounts page to see if you or your group qualifies.

You can click the “Register” button on each individual course page. For more information, email [email protected].

You will receive information about your upcoming courses via email.

Continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, and lunch are provided each day at the course location. Please notify us at [email protected] about any health needs or dietary restrictions during your training.

Most participants will be comfortable in business casual. We strive to keep our facilities at a comfortable climate, but due to the varying temperatures in conference rooms and university buildings, we suggest that you wear layers regardless of the time of year.

Nexus accepts credit card, check, or wire transfer.

You may pay by credit card at the time of registration or later through an invoice. All payments must be completed before the course begins or before you are granted online access.

Please visit our Policies and Resources page.

Each course is only available in the format that is stated on the program page.


Visit the graduate admissions page for application information, or contact the specific program’s graduate coordinator.

Visit for program information.

Blended, for-credit courses allow learners to either learn in person on campus or entirely online asynchronously from classroom recordings.

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