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The mission of Nexus is to extend and share the College of Engineering's (CoE) preeminent education with lifelong learners. In support of the CoE's mission to provide technological leadership, Nexus is where knowledge seekers and the greatest minds converge in an agile learning environment to share ideas, multiply innovation, and catalyze learning.



We enable global reach, increasing scale at a level that is beyond walls.


We live up to this standard. We cannot be a derivative form of the College, we must be the best at it.

Michigan Engineering

We represent a learner-centered model of innovation and progress, offering the leading edge of knowledge and thought.

Common Good

Because of our scale and potential, we have the ability to positively affect society, accelerate innovation, and do the most possible good.

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board provides strategic insight, guidance, and assistance in the pursuit of Nexus' vision and mission. They help to connect Nexus with faculty across the College of Engineering and expand access to its educational resources that meet the needs of learners and employers.

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