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Elevate your operations and revolutionize your processes with actionable tools and strategies from the Lean Manufacturing professional education course from the University of Michigan. 

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Expert instructors from industry and academia.


Companies learners are from.


Countries learners are from.

Focus on the topics important to your career.

Two curriculum options for your second week.

Learn from your peers in the field.

Networking events and collaboration with your fellow learners.

See Lean practice in action.

Experience our Zingerman’s Mail Order tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course offered online?

The course is highly interactive and is currently only offered in person. This allows participants to see Lean thinking in action on tours and to engage in hands-on activities and simulations.

Do I have to be out of the office for two weeks to attend this course?

The course runs for two non-consecutive weeks. After attending Week 1, you have a several week break before the second week begins. Participants appreciate the break as it allows for time to begin implementing techniques learned in the first week before returning to the course with new questions.

Why are there three separate weeks for a two-week course? How does this work?

You can choose your Week 2 option when you register. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • Week 1: Every participant takes this week, which covers the Lean manufacturing essentials.
  • Week 2 Maize: Participants who register for a Maize session take Week 1 and Week 2 Maize, which covers Lean methods and implementation.
  • Week 3 Blue: Participants who register for a Blue session take Week 1 and Week 2 Blue, which covers complementary Lean tools and practice. 
    • Interested in both Week 2 curriculums? You can earn a Master Certificate in Lean Manufacturing by completing a third week (the Week 2 course you have not yet taken-Maize or Blue) within two years.

Are there any prerequisites for course registration?

This professional education course is open to anyone who is ready to improve their manufacturing processes. There are no prerequisites.

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