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Master the essential skills for effective project leadership.

An understanding of project management is essential to leading successful projects. This is a skill set that is not limited to project management professionals—people in any role where they lead business-related projects can benefit from this knowledge. With established tools and strategies, cross-functional projects can run smoothly.

The Applied Project Management course provides a core set of essential business skills for managing projects that do not require advanced analysis. This online, self-paced course will immediately prepare you for project success.


This course is aligned with the PMI PMBOK and provides core tools and processes in project management. Course content allows you to:

  • Understand what a project is, how to develop one, and how to select the best approach to successfully lead different types of projects
  • Align projects to strategic initiatives and ensure business value
  • Gain the ability to create a project charter, refine the project scope and analyze stakeholders
  • Develop, lead, and motivate project teams
  • Determine the Work Breakdown Structure, sequence work, build a project schedule and budget, and monitor progress
  • Identify, analyze, and mitigate project risks and manage uncertainty
  • Successfully pass milestone stage gate reviews, document projects, and close them accordingly


Applied Project Management is fully online and self-paced. The course includes approximately 26 hours of recorded instruction, graded exercises, the submission of an industry project report, and participation exercises. After purchase, you have 180 days to complete the course. The course will utilize project management software with further information available closer to course launch.

  • Understand the definition of a project and the role of a project manager professional
  • Be familiar with the project management performance domains and project management principles
  • Learn different project development approaches to apply project life cycles (predictive v adaptive, waterfall, iterative, incremental, agile, extreme)
  • Be familiar with common life cycles to lead projects with product or knowledge deliverables
  • Create the project charter and refine the project scope
  • Evaluate prospective projects, select projects to execute, and determine project business case
  • Apply requirement gathering techniques
  • Perform stakeholder analysis
  • Select, motivate, and lead project teams
  • Tailor project development approach for each unique project
  • Identify project activities and build a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Negotiate for project resources and determine project team roles
  • Determine time and cost estimates for project activities
  • Sequence activities and optimize resources to build a project schedule
  • Create a project budget
  • Identify and analyze project risk
  • Measure project performance and create project status reports
  • Effectively use evidence-based decision-making techniques
  • Establish effective communication with project team and stakeholders
  • Manage project teams including conflict management, motivating team members, and managing global teams
  • Measure project performance including the use of burndown charts
  • Create status reports and successfully pass milestone stage gate reviews
  • Manage project uncertainty
  • Adapt to change by following a change management approach, change control, and contingency planning
  • Learn closeout activities
  • Document project outcomes and lessons learned


Individuals who lead business-related cross-functional projects will benefit from this course. This includes:

  • Engineers (all specializations)
  • Project managers
  • Construction managers
  • Product managers
  • Executive assistants
  • Marketing managers
  • Account managers



  • Master Black Belt and Project Manager 
  • Lecturer, Michigan Engineering
  • Instructor, Six Sigma Programs
Pat Hammett

Pat Hammett, PhD

  • Lead Faculty, Six Sigma Programs
  • Associate Chair of Masters Education, Integrative Systems + Design
  • Lecturer, College of Engineering

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