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Nexus is the hub, center, first connection, and front door to online and professional education at Michigan Engineering for learners and faculty alike. Our name reflects both our purpose and our mission: to extend the College’s preeminent education and share with lifelong learners.

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Nexus is where knowledge seekers and the greatest minds in engineering connect in an agile learning environment to share ideas, multiply innovation, and catalyze learning. We enable a learner-centered model of innovation and progress, offering the leading edge of knowledge and thought from Michigan Engineering.

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What We Do

Nexus provides professional education certificates; support for the design and delivery of online credit courses and degrees; and custom programs that are practical, grounded in research, and taught by faculty and lecturers from throughout the College and beyond. By offering multiple entry paths and delivery options — online, on campus, on location, and hybrid — learners engage with renowned U-M faculty in a way that best fits their needs, priorities, and preferences.

Nexus offers seed funding for new programs, market assessment, instructional design, project management, and production services. Nexus also supports online teaching, reaches a global audience of learners and companies, and experiments with innovative instructional strategies and technologies that enhance the classroom learning environment.

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The College of Engineering has been at the forefront of distance and professional education for over 80 years, offering an array of programs that are flexible, practical, and industry-relevant. Moving forward, Nexus will build on that legacy by developing innovative educational models, enhanced learner experiences, strategic initiatives, and partnerships that further extend Michigan Engineering’s reach and impact.

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