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We invite you to become part of an innovative teaching and learning community with worldwide reach. Nexus seeks to support your interests in teaching online, reaching a global audience of learners and companies, and experimenting with innovative instructional strategies and technologies that will also enhance your classroom learning environment.

Our mission is to stimulate, foster, and support academic innovation to ensure preeminent engineering education and to offer greater accessibility to the College's educational resources for lifelong learning with a global impact.

We are always seeking your proposals for new courses.







Collaborate with us on a new program

Nexus invites faculty and academic units (i.e., departments, divisions, centers, and institutes) to work with us by submitting a course concept proposal. We encourage multidisciplinary proposals from across Michigan Engineering and beyond, and value industry sponsorship. 

Nexus administers a four-step course design and development process for non-credit courses to ensure market sustainability.

Step One

Course Concept Review

Initiate a course concept proposal by contacting us. We will discuss your ideas and collect sufficient information to conduct a market feasibility study.

Step Two

Course Approval and Planning

Upon completion of the market feasibility study and course concept approval, Nexus will work with you to create a course design plan, including resource needs and timing.

Step Three


Nexus' instructional design and production teams will collaborate with you to develop and set up the course. Then our marketing team will get the word out.

Step Four


Finally, a pilot offering will be launched and assessed for improvements before the course is offered a second time.

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We welcome the opportunity to connect about non-credit and online credit course ideas from interested faculty and academic units. Contact us to begin the conversation.