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Nexus is here to support a thoughtful, planned approach for online and blended teaching that supports the quality of a Michigan Engineering education. This site offers guidance, resources, and best practices for effective online pedagogy, high production quality courses, and substantive faculty and student engagement.

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Develop a New Program

Whether you are a faculty member, instructor, or academic unit chair, we encourage you to submit a concept idea for a new course or program.

Enhanced Recording Spaces

Nexus manages five enhanced recording spaces across two locations – the Nexus Lifelong Learning Building or the Chrysler Center.

Building Community Online

In online learning, it is important to proactively create such interactions. Here are some tips and resources for promoting a welcoming environment and fostering interactivity.

Our Services and Support

Course Content Production

Record in a Nexus space and utilize our full-service production assistance, technology support, and video editing services.

Instructional Consultations

Meet with a Nexus instructional designer to discuss approaches and practices for online and blended delivery.

On-Demand Faculty Resources

Access just-in-time guides, tips, and best practices for online and blended engineering education.

Online Program Development

Work with Nexus to convert an existing credit or professional program to online delivery or to design a new online program.

Contact Us

Email our learning design team at [email protected] or ask us a question using the form.

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