Develop a New Program

Whether you are a faculty member, instructor, department chair, or unit leader, we encourage you to submit a concept idea for a new online course or program. Using a five-step process, our team will help turn your idea into a reality. 

If you have an idea for a new course or program, get started by emailing Amanda Winters, Assistant Director of Online Programs, at [email protected].

Program Concept to Launch Process


Explore viability of program/course idea

  • Conduct market research
  • Prepare preliminary budget and financial model
  • Develop high level timeline
  • Conduct viability criteria analysis


Coordinate stakeholders and workflows

  • Identity and develop program attributes, detailed timeline, curriculum mapping
  • Develop roadmaps for recruitment, marketing, instructional design, course development, and student services
  • Achieve formal approvals and agreements


Operationalize roadmaps & course production

  • Confirm funding and instructional commitments 
  • Implement instructional design and faculty professional development support
  • Execute course development and production
  • Launch recruiting and marketing campaigns


Enroll and support students; teach courses

  • Support first intake of students
  • Provide student and faculty support

Ongoing Support

Monitor and continuously improve

  • Conduct evaluations and assessments 
  • Maintain course content updates
  • Provide term-by-term course management and production/design support
  • Review enrollment and financial profile

Improving Access to Michigan Engineering

As the online and continuing education unit of Michigan Engineering, Nexus is committed to expanding access to Michigan Engineering’s programs by: 

  • Expanding the College’s online degree and continuing education portfolio
  • Offering new Professional Education programs that serve engineers with industry- that meet the evolving needs and expectations of lifelong learners, including new online credentials that are self-paced, modular, and potentially stackable towards a degree
  • Developing courses and programs that reach a more diverse audience of learners, including Michigan Engineering alumni and industry professionals seeking to continue their education while working full time
  • Utilizing innovative and experimental instructional concepts, strategies, and technologies that enhance the online and hybrid classroom environment
  • Building strategic partnerships that enable the College to grow a sustainable, broad, and coherent portfolio with an emphasis on online-enabled offerings
  • Providing innovative business models that create a value proposition for all stakeholders

Contact Us

If you have an idea for a new course or program, get started by filling out this form, or emailing Amanda Winters, Assistant Director of Online Programs, at [email protected].

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