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Systems Engineering + Design aims to identify, comprehend, and enhance the systems that form the foundation of our society. It encompasses a wide range of areas, including civil engineering, transportation and space exploration, recognizing that the challenges facing contemporary society often cannot be solely addressed by a single branch of knowledge. By understanding this concept, one will be able to combine insights from multiple fields to deliver efficient and effective solutions.




#8 Best Online Graduate Engineering Program

Michigan Engineering has proven experience in creating effective online degree programs designed with high-performing professionals in mind.

"The work I am doing sits on the boundaries of a few traditional academic disciplines: mechanical engineering, anthropology, international policy, information science, and education."

- Online Master of Engineering Graduate

The curriculum features courses on state-of-the-art engineering competencies such as:

  • Design Engineering
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Lean and Agile Engineering

The education earned through an SE+D course of study prepares systems engineers to truly impact the world in which they live. SE+D students enjoy an accelerated learning curve that focuses on an iterative development of models and prototypes to better ensure that project outcomes fit the intended purposes.


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  • World-class resources and infrastructure. Students can benefit from resources like the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Socially Engaged Design. In addition, the University hosts a wide range of research institutes and core facilities from which students can benefit.
  • The program allows students to customize the degree to their needs and goals, and prepares them for a career in systems engineering. Upon graduation, students will be ready to take the exam to become an Associate Systems Engineering Professional.
  • This degree program can enhance careers in areas such as requirements management, systems integration, systems architecture, systems engineering management, technical project management, risk management, and similar specializations. The skills and knowledge obtained can be applied in various industries including aerospace, biomedical, defense, ground transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, software development, and more.

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