Exploring the Lean Manufacturing Program:
The Path toward Operational Excellence

August 1, 2023

by Sydney Smith

The Lean Manufacturing certificate course offers a transformative learning experience with comprehensive content, esteemed instructors, real-world applications, and immersive simulations. Manufacturing professionals from around the world gathered in Ann Arbor this June to attend this one-of-a-kind program, where they learned essential Lean principles along with complementary tools, methods, and change management techniques.

Learning from the Experts

One key differentiator that sets the Lean Manufacturing certificate course apart is the quality of instruction. Students traveled to Ann Arbor where they learned from both industry and faculty manufacturing experts. By leveraging their extensive experience and knowledge, instructors educated manufacturing professionals on enhancing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction in their organizations. The blend of expertise offered by these seasoned professionals allowed participants to gain valuable insights from both real-world and academic perspectives. Learner Justin Hamlin emphasized the value of learning from these experts:

lean manufacturing professor speaking with course attendees

The Lean Manufacturing instructors are dedicated to providing world-class content to their students. Through careful planning and commitment, these instructors tailor their lesson content to be easily understandable and readily applicable to real-world scenarios. Learner Dan Johnson expressed his excitement about the versatility of lessons and materials in the course:

Real-World Application: Discover Zingerman's Tour

A highlight of the Lean Manufacturing certificate course is the exclusive opportunity to embark on a guided tour of Zingerman’s, located in Ann Arbor. Zingerman’s Mail Order is a world-renowned community of businesses that works to fulfill and ship orders of Zingerman’s specially selected gourmet foods worldwide. Participants are offered the chance to explore their facilities and witness their quality improvement and lean processes in action. By observing Zingerman’s efficient operational strategy, learners gained valuable insights into the power of simplicity in process optimization. After the tour, Learner Phil Bowman was inspired to incorporate new strategies into his organization right away. He stated:

Students who choose to take Week 2 Blue of the Lean Manufacturing certificate course will be eligible to participate in the tour of Zingerman’s Mail Order.

Immersive Simulations

In addition, the course offers students the chance to put their newfound knowledge and skills into action through immersive simulations. These hands-on experiences allowed learners to actively engage in open discussions with their peers and apply the tools and concepts they learned during the course. Together, participants in the June course developed effective strategies and problem-solving techniques in a practical setting. The simulations proved to be not only educational but also enjoyable for the learners. Learner Justin Hamlin shared his positive feedback on the experience:

Lean manufacturing attendees working on a practice simulation together
Justin Handlin doing a group activity in the lean manufacturing course.

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