New Program for Operational Excellence

February 13, 2024

by Cj Pettus

In 2024, Nexus instructor Drew Locher is launching a new professional education program for professionals working toward operational excellence in their companies. The course, Enterprise Excellence, comprises self-paced, online modules.


According to the instructor, “Enterprise Excellence is a management system that seeks to continuously improve over time. To be clear, I mean improvement in all aspects of an organization, its people, processes, systems. Some people refer to it as operational excellence. Others call it Lean, which I tend to use. Whatever you call it, it is a management system that involves all areas of a business–all areas should strive to improve.”

Essentially, a business that engages in enterprise excellence creates a culture of problem solving and sustainable improvement that ultimately creates value for the customer. This focus is crucial for companies in almost any industry offering any product or service. In addition to improving customer and business outcomes, this system also benefits the company culture by empowering employees.

Drew says, “It is also a people-centric management system. Engaging associates in continuous improvement, a core principle of the system, is a more rewarding work environment for everyone.” A more engaged workforce is a more productive and fulfilled workforce. This system offers everyone ownership in the business processes.


If an organization simply maintains the status quo without responding to a changing landscape or a need for growth, that organization will not fulfill its potential. Drew says, “All organizations need to continuously improve if they hope to not just survive but to thrive over time.”

Customer needs, supply chains, and worker capacity all change over time. In order to respond to changes and to successfully meet evolving needs, an organization needs the flexibility and the ability to continually improvise. Enterprise Excellence prepares organizations for these times of growth.


While Enterprise Excellence works best when an entire organization buys into the system, the online nature of this program allows individuals to learn the essential tools and systems. Drew says, “The hope is that a student will have everything available to successfully apply the concepts covered in each module. In my mind, that is the ultimate measure of success of any educational program–when the student applies what was covered to real world situations.”

The goal is for anyone who participates in this program to acquire the knowledge to strive toward and achieve operational excellence in their own organization. Professionals at any level–and in any industry—can select online modules that fit their interests and needs. Anyone who takes this course can apply what they learn and see a positive impact in their business processes and customer experience.


Each 4-6 hour module covers a unique topic and can be completed within 60 days. Initially, three modules will be available: Principles of Lean Overview, Lean Management System, and Value Stream Mapping. Additional modules will be added over the course of the next year. 

Principles of Lean Overview

This module is great for someone who is new to operational excellence or for someone who wants a refresher on key concepts. The module will introduce the following key principles and tools:

  • Value
  • Waste reduction
  • Problem solving
  • Process improvement
  • Standardized work
  • Quality at the source
  • Visual management
  • Continuous flow
  • Pull systems
  • Quick changeover
  • Total Productive Maintenance

Lean Management System

This module dives deep into the management system needed for sustainable improvement. Anyone looking to create lasting cultural change in their organization will benefit from these concepts. The module will allow learners to explore:

  • Strategic Planning and Deployment
  • Daily management process
  • Associate engagement
  • ANDON process
  • Go see activities (5S Audits and Gemba Walks)
  • Voice of the customer processes
  • Leader standard work

Value Stream Mapping

This module looks at a powerful improvement methodology used to redesign complex systems. The module will allow learners to explore:

  • VSM workshop preparation
  • The collaborative benefits of VSM
  • Current state mapping
  • Designing future states using the 7 questions
  • How to achieve the future state


The first three Enterprise Excellence modules are now available. Because the modules are fully online and self-paced, registration is always open. You can sign up for any module that interests you at any time.

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