Electric Machines

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This online module covers the fundamental theory associated with electric drive systems. The capabilities and limitations of different types of electric machines (DC machines, permanent magnet AC machines, induction machines, and reluctance machines) in drive applications are also covered in detail.


  • Explain the basics of magnetic-field devices
  • Describe how electric machines produce torque
  • Discuss the operation of power electronic circuits
  • Design a proportional-integral (PI) feedback control algorithm
  • Summarize the properties of different types of electric machines


  • Introduction and Electric Machinery Fundamentals (33 min)
  • Power Electronic Fundamentals (38 min)
  • Fundamentals of Control (32 min)
  • DC Machines (27 min)
  • DC Machines Drives (29 min)
  • AC Machines I (33 min)
  • AC Machines II (33 min)
  • Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Machines (35 min)
  • Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Machine Drives (26 min)
  • Reluctance Machines (33 min)
  • Interior Permanent Magnet Machines (16 min)
  • Induction Machines (36 min)
  • Induction Machine Drives (31 min)

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There are no prerequisites for this module. A bachelor’s degree in a science, engineering, or technical field is recommended, but not required.

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Heath Hofmann

Heath Hofmann, PhD

  • Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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