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Deploy Lean Successfully In Your Organization.

Identifying when, where, and how to deploy Lean can be challenging. When an organization begins a Lean journey, the goals are clear: to improve customer satisfaction, to strengthen processes, and ultimately to improve the bottom line. Achieving those goals, however, can be difficult when organizations adopt Lean methods without a cohesive plan. This can result in setbacks or even abandonment of Lean practices altogether. Organizations or teams can reach their goals more quickly with a comprehensive Lean deployment plan. This course equips teams and organizations with the skills to implement Lean tools effectively and improve organizational performance.

There isn’t a singular strategy for deploying Lean. In this course, you will explore diverse Lean deployment approaches and find one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re new to Lean thinking or have begun a Lean journey previously, this course offers valuable insights to help you initiate or adjust your strategy.


  • Understand the difference between Lean philosophy and Lean deployment.
  • Examine the historical background of Lean deployment to distinguish effective and ineffective approaches.
  • Analyze organizational structure and key information (people, facilities, and products or services) to understand their impact on Lean deployment.
  • Identify problems and determine the most appropriate Lean method for resolving them.
  • Develop a comprehensive Lean deployment plan, including deployment strategy development, project management, assessment, and implementation.
  • Explore various training and piloting methods to familiarize teams with new Lean processes.
  • Empower team members to become proactive contributors and problem solvers.



Thurs-Fri 8:30AM – 4:30PM ET


Participants will use the adaptable course content to create a customized playbook for deploying Lean in their organization. The material is versatile and can be applied to local or global organizations with single-site or multi-location setups.

  • Definition, objective, and challenges
  • How to deploy Lean at any stage of organizational growth
  • History of Lean deployment: academic perspectives and official studies
  • Review of Lean methods: pluses and deltas
  • Determine organizational structure and information flow
    • Values, vision, mission, KPIs
    • People, facilities, product or service offerings
  • Identify obstacles to deploying Lean in your organization
  • Develop your people into contributors and problem solvers
  • Discover the root of the problem
  • Choose the right Lean method
  • Explore training approaches for your team/organization
  • Creation of the Lean deployment plan
  • Deployment strategy development and project management
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t? Assess critical success factors
  • What are the steps to implement Lean?
  • Integration with change management
  • Piloting processes
  • Measurement strategies: qualitative vs. quantitative benchmarking


This course is intended to benefit:

  • Professionals actively involved in developing and implementing Lean deployment strategies and methodologies
  • Individuals in leadership, change management, operations, conflict resolution, or consultancy roles

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