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CreatE an adaptive culture by inspiring behavioral change.

Transformative Leadership is an innovative approach that inspires growth within individuals and organizations. By harnessing the power of social influence and purpose, you can remove a fear of change in your organization. To achieve this, transformative leaders learn to navigate the challenges of human nature and organizational inertia while implementing key leadership principles and practices.


  • Understand transformative leadership and its impact on individuals and organizations, including the importance of adaptive cultures
  • Analyze how human nature affects change—considering factors like the need for certainty, fear, and resistance
  • Explore classic motivational models and the psychology of learning
  • Design a leadership roadmap to outline goals and create inspirational purpose at both organizational and personal levels
  • Recognize the attributes and essential qualities of a transformative leader
  • Learn the process of change management
  • Learn how to use tools like PDCA, visual management systems, and leader standard work
  • Develop coaching skills and capacity, including different coaching methods and understanding learner types
  • Explore strategies for sustaining organizational culture, drawing insights from real-world case studies and applications



Mon-Thurs 8:00AM – 4:30PM ET


In this course, you will merge theoretical concepts with practical strategies to master transformative leadership and align individual goals with organizational objectives. You will develop a customized roadmap for success. This roadmap will include coaching methods, change management processes, and sustainment strategies to enhance your leadership style. With transformative leadership, you will learn to lead change in your organization and inspire others to do the same.

Overview of Transformative Leadership 

  • Definition, Objective, and Challenges
  • Social Systems and Social Influence

Creating an Adaptive Culture 

  • Organizational Inertia vs. Flexible Adaptive Cultures
  • Human Nature Challenges: Expectations, Fear, and Resistance to Change

Motivation and Trust

  • Building a Foundation of Trust
  • Classic Motivational Models
    • The Personal System (Attitudes, Moods, Beliefs, Competencies, Values, Goals)
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Herzberg’s Job Enrichment Principles
  • Creating a Reason for Change, Get Personal

Psychology of Learning

  • The Law of Readiness, the Law of Effect, the Law of Exercise, the Law of Habit
  • Forming Habits: Cue, Routine, Reward
  • Group Exercise: Personal History of Change
  • Lean Tool: Plus Delta

Four Factors of Transformational Leadership

  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Individualized Consideration
  • Inspirational Motivation
  • Idealized Influence

Motivation Skills & Techniques

  • 5 Types of Appreciation
  • Intrinsic Reward and Long-Term Success

Leading with Authenticity

  • Practice Self-Awareness, Humility, and Collaboration
  • Group Exercise: Approaches of a Great Leader
  • Individual Exercise: Trust Inventory

Create an Inspirational Purpose

  • Start with a Roadmap
  • Outline Purpose at Organizational and Personal Levels

Develop a Process

  • Tools & Methodologies
  • Replacing Uncertainty with Confidence

Provide Coaching

  • Explore the Dreyfus Model, Humble Inquiry, Socratic Method
  • Understand Learner Types

Manage the Change

  • Change Management Processes
  • Apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

Sustain the Culture

  • Visual Management Systems
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Case Studies and Application: Pixar, Toyota

Roadmap Presentations and Wrap-Up


The Transformative Leadership course is intended to benefit:

  • Anyone in a leadership position from supervisor to CEO
  • Leaders in any industry including but not limited to manufacturing, service, and healthcare
  • Anyone who wants to create an adaptable culture of continuous improvement




  • Lean Specialist and Instructor, Nexus, College of Engineering
  • President, Change Management Associates

Drew first became involved in the development and delivery of innovative Business Improvement programs while working for General Electric in the 1980s. Since leaving GE in 1990 and forming Change Management Associates, he has provided Operational Excellence consulting and organizational development services to industrial and service organizations representing a wide variety of industries including: Healthcare, Transportation, Distribution, Education, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

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