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June 6, 2023

by Cj Pettus

Are you ready to build your knowledge of mobility and transportation issues and solutions? Begin with a free trial from Michigan Engineering’s Foundations of Mobility online course. You can now earn a digital badge for the Social & Behavioral Issues module at no cost with a free trial. This module, which is part of Foundations of Mobility, allows a glimpse into what you can expect in the full program.


Today’s mobility challenges are complex. Transportation innovation affects many aspects of modern life, including city planning, governmental policy, and social structures. In order to work toward solutions, professionals in related fields need to understand the full picture. Leaders in mobility research from Michigan Engineering are actively considering these issues and share their expertise in eight specialized online modules.

Learners choose to either take individual modules or complete multiple modules in order to earn a full certificate. Each module is approximately 6-7 hours in length with additional reading materials. Module topics are as follows:


If you are curious about the program and want to explore your options, now is the time. You can participate in a free, 60-day trial of the Social & Behavioral Issues module. The module covers the social and behavioral implications of mobility, including the intersection between transportation and economic mobility, urban sprawl and segregation, and transportation equity.

Sign up for the free trial by registering on the course page with the discount code MOBILITYSOCIALFREE. This code is a 100% registration discount, and, upon registration, you will receive full access to the course.


After you complete the free module, you decide your next steps. You can choose additional individual modules, or take specific module sets in order to earn a full certificate. Whatever your choice, you can build your mobility and transportation knowledge completely online with the expertise from Michigan Engineering.

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