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October 5, 2023

by Sydney Smith

Nexus serves as a trusted partner that provides support to diverse teams within the university community. Known for its commitment to excellence and extensive experience, Nexus is a valuable resource for teams seeking innovative solutions and specialized assistance. Recently, Nexus worked with several internal teams to develop customized courses, provide training from expert instructors, and offer technological resources and support.

Creating Customized Programs to Enhance Team Performance

At the Newnan Academic Advising Center within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, two groups recently merged into one. They required assistance in establishing a new workflow to streamline efficiency as a new team. Nexus Instructor Nicole Friedberg created a custom course designed to facilitate collaboration between the two teams. For three days, selected leaders from both teams learned project management and integration skills as well as team-building and work simulation techniques. Some of these techniques included negotiation skills, team facilitation, process optimization, and addressing common project management challenges. At the end of this custom training, team members recognized how to break down barriers between job responsibilities and how each position works within a larger cohesive team.

Newnan Academic Advising Center Custom Course Class Photo. With Instructor Nicole Friedberg.

In another area of the university, the Procurement Services team recognized the need to improve operations, especially because of their extensive collaboration with various university departments. They requested customized training in organizational design thinking and driving change to meet this demand. Nexus Instructor Toni Benner created a custom course to address their goals. Toni specializes in training interdisciplinary teams and individuals to work more efficiently and effectively. Over several months, participants met frequently to learn new design thinking techniques and skills specific to improving their team. The course was designed to allow ample time for learning and practical implementation throughout the program. In between each session, participants were encouraged to apply the techniques to their everyday work and to make necessary adjustments, allowing them to create a tailored solution for their specific needs.

Taking Advantage of Expert Instructors and Cutting-Edge Facilities

The University of Michigan’s Mechanical Engineering Department and Nexus worked together to create the Battery Train the Trainer Bootcamp for community college faculty and high school teachers. This collaborative effort aimed to elevate the overall teaching capabilities of educators across Michigan. Expert U-M instructors trained Michigan teachers how to teach students topics in battery manufacturing and mechanical engineering. During this four-day training program, participants learned about batteries, including their operation, degradation, critical issues, and manufacturing. They also visited some of U-M’s top facilities, including the Battery Control Group Lab and the U-M Automotive Lab, where they put what they learned into action through hands-on application. Participants left the course with enhanced knowledge and renewed expertise, well-prepared to educate students in this field. 

bootcamp attendees working on the battery control group lab
bootcamp attendees working in battery control lab

Supporting Success Through Resources and TEchnology

The Eisenberg Family Depression Center recently hosted its 4th Annual Workplace Mental Health Conference, centered around the theme of “Cultivating a Culture of Connection.” This year’s conference emphasized important topics such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), mental health awareness, building a thriving community within workplaces, and creating a resilient workforce. Due to the virtual nature of this event, the conference committee recognized the need for expertise in remote-live accessibility and technical capabilities, leading them to collaborate with Nexus. Nexus’s program management and information technology teams offered to host the event at the Nexus office. There, the Depression Center team had access to top-quality technological resources and support for the event. Project Manager Danielle Taubman shared her thoughts on taking advantage of Nexus resources:

While the conference was a learning experience for everyone, the Nexus staff went out of their way to help throughout the entire planning process and during the conference itself. Ultimately, this collaboration resulted in the seamless execution of the conference, ensuring a smooth connection between the remote-live speakers and online attendees.

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