New Transformative Leadership Course

January 9, 2024

by Sydney Smith

In the summer of 2024, Nexus is launching a new professional development course called Transformative Leadership. This 4-day course, taught by continuous improvement and Lean expert Drew Locher, explores the dynamic nature of transformative leadership and how to create adaptive cultures in any organization.


Transformative leadership is an innovative approach that inspires growth within individuals and organizations. By harnessing the power of social influence and purpose, transformative leaders remove the fear of change within their organizations. This shift in organizational mindset allows leaders to proactively shape an adaptive culture. It creates an environment conducive to continuous growth and innovation.

Drew Locher elaborates, “Transformative leadership is absolutely necessary to developing an adaptive culture in an organization. Organizations that have created flexible, responsive cultures made up of individuals who do not fear the future will most likely succeed where those paralyzed by organizational inertia will not.”


At its core, transformative leadership is about skillfully navigating uncertainties. This leadership style is for individuals ready to embrace change and channel their creativity into continuous improvement initiatives.

According to Drew, it is crucial for leaders to be able to adapt to new circumstances. He emphasizes, “We all know that change is inevitable. The fact is change is happening at an accelerating rate: business conditions, fickle customers and entire markets, technology, social factors, geopolitical circumstances, just to name a few. Organizations in any sector must be equipped to respond quickly and, if possible, get ahead of the curve. Only organizations that can quickly and effectively adapt have a chance of surviving and thriving.”

Effective leaders steer their organizations through dynamic challenges with resilience and innovation. As champions of change, they plant the seeds of inspiration, ensuring that adaptability becomes an integral practice within the organizational culture.


In the course, Drew merges theoretical concepts with practical strategies to align individual goals with organizational objectives. The material is highly interactive and engaging with a focus on real-world applications and tangible takeaways.

Drew explains his approach, “The course will be a mix of lectures, group discussions, videos, case studies, and exercises. For me, the best courses go beyond concepts and result in something tangible that students can take with them when they return to their organizations.”

A course highlight is the opportunity for participants to develop a customized leadership roadmap. This personalized roadmap will include coaching methods, change management processes, and sustainment strategies to enhance your leadership style.

Drew shares, “The expectation is that the participants will walk out with a roadmap, based on the concepts covered, that they can take back to their respective organizations, share with their colleagues, and begin the journey. For those already on the journey and experiencing struggles, their roadmap will reflect necessary course adjustments to the approach that they’d been taking.”


Anyone interested in developing their leadership skills is welcome. Whether you are new to leadership or aim to refine your leadership style, this course can help you succeed. Drew emphasizes, “This course is tailored for individuals in leadership roles at any level within an organization. It doesn’t require a specific title; anyone who influences others can be considered a leader.”

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