New Lean Deployment Certificate Course

March 26, 2024

by Sydney Smith

Nexus is launching a new professional development course called Lean Deployment in the fall of 2024. This two-day immersive course, taught by Lean expert Debra Levantrosser, aims to equip professionals with the necessary skills to integrate Lean thinking into any work environment.

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defining Lean and Lean Deployment


Lean thinking is a transformative approach that equips workers with tools and methodologies to become effective problem solvers. It establishes a framework for continuous improvement across an organization, with the goal of refining processes, minimizing waste, and increasing productivity. Organizations that adopt Lean can proactively address challenges, which can lead to improved quality in products and services and increased customer satisfaction.


To put it simply, “Lean deployment is how you are going to implement Lean philosophies within your organization,” instructor Debra Levantrosser explains. “This course is not about the ‘what’ of Lean so much as it is ‘how’ to deploy it and how to pivot from your Lean deployment plan when the situation requires it.”

Lean deployment is a strategic method that focuses on introducing and ingraining Lean principles into an organization’s processes and culture. To effectively deploy Lean, it’s essential to understand when, where, and how to apply Lean principles. Key steps in the deployment process include assessing existing workflows, identifying areas for improvement, educating the workforce, and then systematically applying Lean techniques. Through continual repetition of this process, Lean becomes a sustainable part of organizational strategy and growth.


Understanding Lean thinking is key to an organization’s success in improving both operational processes and customer satisfaction. However, successful Lean implementation requires more than just knowledge of Lean tools and approaches—it demands a well-crafted and flexible deployment plan.

Debra stresses the importance of thorough preparation for successful Lean deployment. She says, “It’s very important to deploy Lean effectively because we want to live by the Lean principle of doing it right the first time, if at all possible. We also need to realize things may not go according to plan and to keep an open mind. That means there needs to be a lot of thinking upfront when creating your plan, considering factors like change management and strategy development…And how do we actually implement it in the best way for our organization?”

Organizations often face struggles because they lack a clear roadmap for Lean implementation. This can result in setbacks or even abandonment of Lean practices altogether. The Lean Deployment course addresses this challenge by equipping participants with the skills to create an effective deployment plan, successfully implement Lean principles, and enhance overall organizational performance.

Expert Instruction Rooted in Experience

Debra has over thirty years of experience applying Lean principles across diverse industries. In this course, participants will benefit from her extensive practical knowledge and discover her proven strategies for Lean transformation.

She expresses her enthusiasm about teaching the course, “I’ve deployed Lean for over 30 years in various industries, been trained by the best, and I’m really excited to share my knowledge and allow participants to learn from each other. In this course, I’m going to show you what I’ve experienced and developed with various teams. We’ll explore what works and what doesn’t work, and then I’ll share what I think is the best way to deploy Lean.” With Debra’s skilled guidance, participants will learn to connect Lean theory with practical application to deploy Lean in any organizational setting.

Create a Customized Playbook for Lean Success

The comprehensive curriculum helps course participants create a Lean deployment playbook specifically tailored to their organization’s needs. While creating this playbook, participants will focus on understanding organizational context, pinpointing problems, and employing the right Lean methods to resolve them.

Debra compares choosing the right Lean method to packing a travel bag. She explains, “When you pack a travel bag, you probably pack shampoo, deodorant, cologne, cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. They all serve a different purpose. You never use all of them in the same exact way, in the same exact order. It’s the same thing with Lean deployment. In your Lean toolbag, you may have 5S, Quick Changeover, and Hoshin Kanri, but not every concept is going to solve every problem. You need to be able to pick the right one at the right time.”

Every organization encounters different obstacles, which is why Debra emphasizes the importance of choosing the right approach for each situation. This course encourages participants to explore various Lean deployment methodologies, enabling them to discover when and where Lean tools will be most effective in their organization.

Start At Any Point in Your Lean Journey

Participants can choose to take the Lean Deployment course as an introduction or to enhance any existing Lean training. Debra believes that the course will serve as a valuable asset at any point in an individual or organization’s Lean journey. She emphasizes, “Lean is a journey – not a destination. Whether you’re at the beginning of your Lean journey with limited training or ten years into learning and using Lean, you need to know how to deploy it effectively.” In this comprehensive course, both new and experienced practitioners can build or refine their approach to cultivate a more effective Lean implementation strategy.

Why Should You Take this Course?

The Lean Deployment course addresses a fundamental gap in Lean professional training. Debra points out, “This course is unique in the sense that in my 30 years of deploying Lean, I have never seen a course on how to deploy Lean. I’ve seen many courses on the ‘what of Lean’ and the ‘history of Lean,’ but not a real practical course on how to deploy Lean either from the beginning or to change how you’ve already done it.”

This course is valuable because it emphasizes practical application. Instead of reiterating Lean concepts, it delves into the tactical aspects of Lean deployment. It equips participants with actionable insights and techniques that can be immediately utilized within their organizations. Debra teaches the material through real-world scenarios, case studies, and hands-on exercises designed to tackle the challenges of Lean deployment head-on.

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