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Inspire organizational change with creative problem solving and strategic action.

Design thinking is an integral part of achieving organizational growth. Creating organizational change within a business model is not a linear process. When faced with a transitional period, it can be challenging to introduce new strategies and design processes to improve corporate practices. Implementing innovative ideas into business processes requires transformational leadership and a human-centered design approach. With design thinking, you can learn how to support your team members better, move plans into action, and improve your products and services.


  • Understand the key tool sets and skill sets of design thinking to become a company-wide change agent 
  • Gain the essential leadership skills to solve problems and implement innovative ideas 
  • Analyze your current organizational structure and decipher the opportunities for growth
  • Design an operating model to support a strategy that integrates long-term challenges and goals 
  • Practice human-centered behaviors and mindsets with real-world applications



Thurs-Fri 8:30AM – 4:30PM ET

The Design Thinking course is highly interactive and based on experiential learning and collaboration. Successful organizations must take calculated risks to create meaningful organizational change. This course teaches you the techniques and critical thinking skills to implement new initiatives.

This course acknowledges the vital role that employees and customers play in an organization’s structure. Design thinking processes prioritize a people-first approach to ensure the well-being of stakeholders. The course will teach you how to:

  • Use empathy maps to plan out your ideas and better understand customers’ needs
  • Analyze current business models to gather feedback and identify competitive advantages
  • Build a strong organizational culture to encourage leadership and design teams to be creative and innovative

Coursework, examples, and group activities draw from various industries including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology to provide a well-balanced curriculum.


Do you want to move your team or organization in a new direction? Are you unsure how to kickstart initiatives? Applying design thinking techniques will help you define your action plan and seamlessly integrate new ideas into your current corporate structure. This course can benefit:

  • Managers or directors who are spearheading change initiatives
  • Start-ups or small businesses looking to strengthen their corporate strategy
  • Product designers or project managers who are creating or launching new products
  • New leaders in middle or senior management who want to learn how to better support their team


Toni Benner


  • Lead Faculty
  • Lean Specialist and Instructor, Nexus
  • Founder and Lean Transformation Coach, Healthcare 2020
Elizabeth Aikman


  • Lean Specialist and Instructor, Nexus
  • Clinical Systems Engineer
  • Consultant, Process for People

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